BV HOA Yearly Meeting Agenda and Notes

April 24, 2007


1) Introduce New President, Rich Willard (7 pm)

            ~ I took over as president a couple of months ago at our last board meeting


2) Thanks to everyone for coming tonight

            ~ I would like to welcome all of the new homeowners to the village


3) Thank you to Harvey ‘Bud’ Willard for 3 years as president.

~ He negotiated hard with the builder & the township for all of us, and I would like to thank him for going above and beyond the call of duty and most of all for getting us up and running.


4) Introduce the board members:

            ~ Our Secretary – Steph Saxton

            ~ Our Treasurer – Bud Willard

            ~ VP in charge of permits – Camilla Gills

            ~ VP in charge of grounds – Ger Kenney


5) Treasurer’s report

            ~ 2006 Budget vs. 2006 Actual (Bud)


            ~ 2007 Proposed budget (Rich)

                        2007 Dues structure



6) We have 2 seats up for reelection

            ~ Ger & Camilla – are there any other nominations?

            ~ If we have a quorum (149) we can vote

            ~ If we do not have a quorum, and we have more then 2 running then we will send out the ballot with the dues invoice. The names of the winners will be posted on the web site.


7) Township rules & requirements – I don’t think we need to have discussion on any of these but I would like to give everyone a quick reminder. The HOA has no jurisdiction on any of the points that I will make.


  • No parking on the street. The police are ticketing people that park on the street. If you need to park on the street then you will need to call the township office and let them know.
  • The speed limit is 25mph and with the kids coming out with the nice weather please drive slow and watch for darting kids around every corner and stop at the stop signs
  • Trash – Please bag and cover your trash and recycling. The trash that is blowing around the village is out of control and we can do something about it. Think about your neighbors and the houses that border our village.
  • When waiting for your kids at the bus stop, please do not park in front of drive ways, pull to the side of the road and do not park your car at the corner of the intersection. Do not throw trash or cigarette butts on the ground in front of other people’s houses.  Remember that the bus comes early and small kids are still sleeping, so please keep the noise down.  Do not let your kids play on other people’s front lawn. We have an open area that the kids can run around on, so please use that area while waiting for the bus.
  • Please think of your neighbors when you position your spots lights and leave them on.
  • Please use the side walks and most of all please ask your kids to use the side walks.
  • Remember to clean up after your dog even if you think no one is watching.


8) The social committee announced there would be a yard sale on Saturday, May 5th 8 a – 2 p.

            Lauren Gill


9) Questions/Comments to the HOA Board:

a) Will the grass in the open space at the entrance to the development (Branford & Milbury) ever be added to?  There is not much grass there and a homeowner wondered if we could have our lawn maintenance company add grass seed to improve the look. 

i) Rich Willard advised that we will look into it.


b) There are trees down in the walking path behind Arden as well as the along the back of houses. 

                        i) Rich Willard advised that we will look into it.


            c) Communication and the feeling of not enough were expressed by a homeowner. 

i) Rich Willard advised we now have the website ( and will be utilizing it more frequently as well as email updates when a change is made to the website.  Going forward, we do hope to increase the communication in the development.


d) The suggestion of adding a business directory to the website was made.  This will allow homeowners to post any contractor that they felt did an outstanding job and are reasonably priced. This way we can save people from calling around to find an exterminator, plumber, etc. that is reputable.


e) One homeowner expressed concern about all the ‘For Sale’ signs at the entrances to the development. 

i) Rich Willard advised that the signs are allowed to be there but should be removed once the home is sold. 


f) The same homeowner asked if he were allowed to put a motorcycle safety sign out since May is motorcycle safety month at the entrances of the development as well.

i) Rich advised he was not sure if that type of sign was allowed but would check in the by-laws and with the township to make sure.



Thanks again for attending and remember to check the websites for updates.

If you would like your email address added to the list, please sign our sheet.

Meeting is adjourned (7:45 pm).