Village Reminders

1) Please remember trash must be placed in the new trash cans provided by York Waste.

2) Please make sure to keep all lawns cut.

3) Make sure to clean up after your dogs when you are on a walk. 

It is not fair for a homeowner to pick up after your dog.

4) Watch your speed while driving.  Children are now outside more frequently. Please be cautious!

5) In case of Power Outages, please make sure you can access our house without ultizing a garage door opener and ensure you have flash lights and extra batteries.

Cost Savings

Here are some friendly reminders on way to save money on your utilities.

  1. Get a programmable thermostat and when you are not home, set it cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. 
  2. Close your blinds in the summer to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into the house.   In the winter, open your blinds to increase the amount of sunlight. 
  3. When you go on vacation, set your water heater to “vacation mode”.  This will reduce the temperate the water is heated to. 
  4. Plant shrubs around your air conditioners.  This will protect the unit.   Also, keep 1 – 2 feet of space around it for airflow. 
  5. If you have outdoor landscaping lights, be sure to adjust the timings throughout the year.  The lights should only come on when it gets dark out.   The sooner they turn off, the less electricity they use. 

Tax Savings

  1. Homestead Act.   The Homestead Act was created to reduce your school taxes based on the income from gaming.   The 2013 savings for Coatesville School District was $258.03 per household that filed.  For more information or to complete the form, please go to:
  2. Assessment Appeals.   As you may know, our area has extremely high taxes compared to the values of our homes.   You may not know that you have the right to appeal your property assessment each year and hopefully get the taxes lowered.   The annual appeal process for this year begins on May 1st and goes through August 1st.   For information on calculating your estimated savings or complete the application, please go to:

NOTE:  2013 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014) Common Level Ratio has been set at 1.66 or .60 (=1/1.66). You will not know the new CLR until it is published. It is normally after the filing deadline.
The CLR is created by the Pa. State Tax Equalization Board (STEB) on an annual basis for each county.  The CLR is an average of assessments to sale prices (based upon valid sales activity in Chester County for the prior calendar year).  The CLR is applied only when the ratio varies by more than 15% from the 100% predetermined ratio.

(<your assessment> / .60 = Sale Value of your home)

NOTE:  2013 Chester County Tax Rate has been set at 4.163 Mills.
(<your assessment> x .004163 = 2013 County Property Tax at face amount)

NOTE:  2013 Coatesville School District Tax Rate has been set at 31.1926 Mills.
(<your assessment> x .0311926 = 2013 School Tax at face amount)

Want an easy way to determine if performing a tax appeal is worth your time? Use the attached spreadsheet to determine your annual savings.